2000 YouTube vi (ew)


2000 YouTube vi (ew)
2000 real YouTube for only $1
YouTube ranks your video partly by how many people have seen it. But if it has no views, it never gets seen, so it never gets ranked. The answer? You have just found it! I will deliver 2000+ YouTube Views to Your Video! This will help you increase your ranking. *You will receive your order within 1-3 days time. 100% YouTube safe, I even use these people for my own videos! Video settings must be public and the number of views must be public too. If we cannot see the number of views, how can we know how many we have sent? If your video has less than 300 views, the chances are that YouTube will freeze the view count for up to 24 hours, while they check the validity of the visitors. This is normal & happens regardless of where your viewers are coming from! Please do not worry about number of services in queue, I can handle up to 500 services at any one time! I do not use bots or automations, but genuine views (so you'll never be in trouble). All our views come from REAL people who have registered with us through social media sites.
Note : Can not cancel before timeline.If your video not public we will mark order as complete but can not cancel that amount.
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2000 YouTube vi (ew)

2000 YouTube vi (ew) for $1

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